Just Dab It Women’s Racerback Tank


This racerback tank is soft, lightweight, and form-fitting with a flattering cut and raw edge seams for an edgy touch.

• 50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon
• Fabric weight: 4.2 oz (142 g/m2)
• Raw edge seams
• Fabric is laundered to reduce shrinkage

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I like concentrates but have always been worried about what goes into them.

I’ve been trying out making Rosin for a while and reading lots about it. I’ve been getting really good results recently with a particular method, which seems really healthy, even for the amateur, and just wanted to share it so I can help others who are interested in the health aspects.

If you want the short TLDR: Make rosin with bubble hash (it’s healthier) and use the leftover Kief (which has terpenes still in it), to mix with the reclaim of your dab rig to make hash. Then perform rosin extraction again on the hash (reusing and creating a very potent form of rosin).

What goes beneath are just my opinions. These are not facts. Try these at your own risk.

My method:

Bubble hash, I only buy the best bubble hash. Why? because you don’t want to be inhaling the waxes from the plant (any chemist will tell you this) and you don’t have to squash it as hard as flowers. The bubble hash has all the waxes washed away, and what you are left with is much healthier (I will never go back to flowers again). Since I have been using rosin with bubble hash, I can breathe easier. This has been really, really game-changing for me, I can now vape as much as I want without any harsh effects.

Make rosin from the bubble hash using hair tongs and clamp method. However, just use any old clamp. Don’t listen to those people that say you need some industrial clamp. I’m using a shitty £10 clamp and getting around 6 grams of rosin from 10 grams of bubble hash. Use crap hair tongs that have a digital display. Get used to heating it up and getting it to stick at 100 degrees Celcius. I do this by heating it to around 80 and then turning it off. If it turns its back on/off for a moment I can see its at 100. Just warm the bubble for 30 seconds slowly squishing before you fully squish it. Remember less pressure is more with bubble. Just make the clamp go as far as you can with your hands. Don’t squash the crap out of it, otherwise, you will get loads of impurities, or may even break the coffee filter. Make sure to save (and grind) all of the leftover kief from your rosin extraction – you will need this later.

Low temp dabs – I wait for 30 seconds for my titanium nail to cool down before dabbing. This creates loads of reclaim in the rig – no worries, save this for the next step.

When you have enough reclaim (I usually wait until 2 grams or so), just empty the bong and heat up the bottom where the reclaim is, with your blowtorch just for a few seconds. Then pour out the reclaim onto baking paper. Keep in the refrigerator for a while (if there are water bubbles in it just get a paper towel and push the corners of it into the bubbles to get the water out). If you want you can wait a few days for your reclaim to dry, up to you.

Next, get the leftover kief from your rosin extraction and mix it with your reclaim. Mix enough to make a ball of hash. Make sure to do it at around 120-140 degrees Celcius this time. There are terpenes left in the kief which make the reclaim smell amazing again. Do another rosin extraction on this hash. You have the most potent shit I have EVER vaped right there! face-melting stuff.

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